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New Construction Real Estate

New Construction Homes in Suffolk

If you have some cash on hand and are tempted to invest in a brand new home that is near local amenities then new construction homes in Suffolk are for you. Here is why going for newly constructed homes in the city might be worth your while –

Why should you go for New Construction Homes in Suffolk?

Let’s face it. A newly constructed home trumps a resale every time and can be a valuable investment that lasts you a lifetime. New properties sell higher than resale properties and are not worse for wear than old homes. They are also more modern in their construct. For example newly constructed homes in Suffolk are built to be more energy efficient than their older counterparts.

Suffolk is one of the most popular areas for buyers and it is easy to see why. The city offers an interesting mix of commercial, natural preserve and residential environments to the locals who call it home. The place also provides a variety of choices for refurbished or foreclosures for home buyers.

Is the Price Right?

Suffolk new construction homes are no different. A newly built property in Suffolk can cost you anywhere from $100,000 to $800,000. The price usually depends on the land it is built on, number of commodities and rooms on offer. Most home buyers who look for new construction homes in Suffolk consider this a small price to pay since they know that they will not end up with someone else’s problem. For example, a buyer is assured that a new home will not have a leaky roof that a previous owner forgot to seal up. Some areas that currently offer new homes include –

Old Town Suffolk

The Old Town neighborhood of Suffolk might be, well, old but that doesn’t mean that buyers should completely disregard it as a source for new construction homes. The town has retained its small town appeal and original charm through generations. The many historic homes are restored with love and care and cannot be differentiated from newer properties either.


Riverfront also offers its fair share of new construction homes in Suffolk. The gorgeous waterfront setting provides residents with an ideal location along the Nansemond and James Rivers in Suffolk.
The resort style community has no shortage of amenities either and is popular with families looking for a place that can accommodate their active lifestyles.


One of the most common misconceptions people have abut new constructions is that they might be pricier than resale properties. That is not always true. In fact certain types of new real estate are comparable to refurbished properties as well. It depends on where you look and who you hire to look for you.

This is where the experienced real estate agents from Alex Nova Team come in. Leave your search for Suffolk new construction homes listings to us. Contact us now and we will help you locate new construction homes in Suffolk and neighboring cities.