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Listings are a Two Way Street!

When it’s time to sell a home, there’s tons of time and energy that goes into the process. Typically, the owners of the home spend countless hours discussing what projects need to be completed prior to the house going onto the market. Numerous hours are spent surfing the internet gathering ideas on DIY projects they can manage. Then, they scour their bank accounts trying to come up with the money it takes to fulfill those projects. Let’s not forget about finding the right Realtor to list the house. It is in the best interest of the home owners to find the right person that can effectively and efficiently market and sell the property for what the sellers are asking for.

From the Realtor’s perspective, we want to be sure the home owners do enough to the house to prepare it for sale. However, we do practice caution so that our clients don’t over spend on projects that are not influential in the home buying process. We take the time to review checklists and task sheets for the sellers to complete prior to the listing going live. We want to be sure the home is staged much like a model home. A perfectly staged home has just enough furniture, no personal photos, all valuables removed, and is spotless. We’ll work with you to take professional photos, as well as develop a video so that potential buyers can experience a much more interactive perspective of the property. Together, we will meticulously go through your home discussing which appliances will convey, and what items you absolutely refuse to part with. Once we have all these items, the Realtor will head to the office and prepare the listing and enter it into the multiple listing service(MLS), which is when the fun begins!

I think of the MLS much like a horse race. Once the gates open, all Realtors are off and running trying to grab new listings to show before their colleagues do. We feverishly watch the program on a daily basis in hopes to find new properties that match the criteria of our clients’ wishes. When we find a great listing, we review it in this order: price, pictures, video, agent remarks, public remarks, and then we scan the rest of the details. If the house isn’t priced right, it’s just not even a 5508df109bf0e-sink-dishes-clean-s3contender. Ironically, regardless of how much we would like to get for our homes, it truly is the market that dictates the price. If your home is overpriced in comparison to the comparable properties around you, you’ll be sitting on the market for a while. Unfortunately, if you sit on the market for a while… people start to wonder what’s “wrong” with the place. When in fact, there’s nothing wrong at all, it’s just over-priced.

So, the listing hits the MLS and all the Realtors are chomping at the bit trying to show your property. What happens if the homeowners leave a sink full of dirty dishes? Or clothes strewn all over the bedroom? There’s a dirty bathroom? Better yet, how about the homeowner fails to tend the yard or pick up droppings from their animals? ANY/ALL of these things will kill any remote chance of a prospective buyer wanting to purchase your property. We could market the property as effectively as we want, but if the homeowner is not cooperative… it’s a lost cause. In addition, when homeowners pigeon hole the time frame of when buyers can view the property that also hinders the likelihood of getting it sold. If the property is vacant, visit it from time to time to tend to the lawn and clean the floors.

It is definitely a team effort to get any house sold!

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