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Should I Sleep On It?

As your Realtor, there’s nothing more gratifying for me than to help pair buyers and sellers together. However, there are times when I have clients that are just not sure they want to buy a particular home. Following their apprehensive body language come the words, “I’m going to sleep on it and let you know tomorrow.”

I’m not your ordinary Realtor. I’m actually quite versed in watching and understanding body language, and make it a priority to stay abreast of how consumer behavior changes and shifts. Here are the top 3 things that come to my mind when I hear that phrase:

  • I already 5718_tallknew. I already knew by the way your face looked around the neighborhood when we first drove up. You looked around and noticed an abandoned car across the street, or music blaring from someone’s garage as they were working on a project. Or the way you looked at the neighborhoods preceding yours and began asking questions about the crime rate. You confirmed that you were not really interested in the property when you walked inside and began talking about how old the wallpaper was or how you didn’t like the color of paint in the kitchen. We all know how inexpensive those fixes are, but it’s much easier to focus on the negative than the positive because you’ve already made your decision. At this point, don’t tell me you are going to “sleep on it”, because we both know this isn’t the house for you.
  • Did I miss something? I will review my skills with a fine toothed comb and analyze just where I went wrong with the home. If we’ve spent hours together talking about your wish list and I can see in your eyes that you want this house, then we either need to re-evaluate your wish list or I need to go back to the drawing board and figure out where I went astray. A good rule of thumb is for buyers to see no more than 10 homes before they put in an offer. If I bring you to a home that hits every mark on your list, and you tell me you are going to “sleep on it”, then please know that I am going back to my notes for a thorough review. Does the term “cold feet” apply when buying a home? Possibly, but not usually. When you are ready to buy, you are ready to fall in love with a place you can soon call home.
  • If you sleep on it, you may never sleep in it. This is by far my favorite phrase because it is the truth. Please understand that just because you looked at a home today, that there are plenty of people that have looked at the same home last night and the days before that. Those people are gathering their finances together, working with insurance companies to gather quotes and doing their due diligence to put together a buyer’s package. If you love it, then buy it. Period. This is exactly why I make it a priority to gather as much paperwork on my buyers as possible so that when I see that sparkle in your eye and the smile that never stops, I know I need to be ready to put in an offer on that home as quickly as possible.

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