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The Value of a Referral

We are a society that embraces, often times expect, referrals. We could be shopping around for a local eatery, a great place to visit, advice on a local auto mechanic, etc. I think we can all confidently say we are guilty for researching places and people prior to taking the plunge. When we research, we use search engines such as Google or Bing to see what sort of information we can gather on the topic. Sometimes we skip Google all together and post the question on our Facebook papproval-female-gesture-hand-41373age with hopes that our friends and family members will chime in on the subject. Ironically speaking, if we put out a post on a particular restaurant requesting feedback from our social media followers, do we value their advice more than the information we’ve already gathered ourselves?

I’ve always told associates that with today’s social media and search options every consumer has, you have to be on your “A game” at all times. One bad transaction, one bad review, one bad picture… you’re doomed. Some businesses don’t care much about their reviews, and choose to spend buckets of money in advertising in hopes to get new customers. New customers that haven’t been exposed to their less than favorable testimonials. However, having a large advertising budget isn’t always an option. It’s definitely not an option for me.

The best way I can influence people is to “walk the talk.” If you’ve ever worked directly with me, you know this is the creed of which I live by. I work with all kinds of people in Real Estate, but the reality is that if someone you know referred you to me, our relationship starts in a totally different place than if I just met you through a random source. We are all creatures of habit, and value the opinions of people in our life. So naturally, if you are dealing with one of the largest, if not the largest, investments of your life, you would want to work with someone that comes highly recommended. Someone that your family member or friend says, “This lady will take great care of you and works very hard to get you the best deal possible.” It’s a no-brainer, right?

From my perspective, when I get a referral call or get introduced to someone that you feel can benefit from my real estate experience, I am humbled. I make sure that not only do I thank the referral source, but I make the referral feel like they are my main focus. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it until I retire, Karma is a good thing. If you take good care of people, and you provide a positive experience, good things will happen.

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